BIO Comments at August Meeting of the National Advisory Council Subcommittee Identifying Quality Measures for Medicaid Eligible Adults

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) appreciates this opportunity to comment on the core set of health quality measures for the Medicaid Quality Measurement Program created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). BIO supports the development and use of appropriate, evidence-based quality measures throughout the healthcare system, and we feel that adult immunizations should be included in the Medicaid core quality measures. Creating comprehensive quality measures for adult immunizations will help ensure that healthcare providers routinely discuss and offer vaccines to their patients, resulting in higher vaccine uptake among adults, better health outcomes, and cost savings for the Medicaid program. BIO recommends that CMS, AHRQ, and the Subcommittee conduct a rigorous gap analysis to assess areas where ACIP recommendations exist but quality measures do not. New adult immunization quality measures should then be elevated to the highest priority for development, testing, and validation, as immunizations have a proven history of providing quality outcomes.