BIO Comments on TTIP Negotiations

A concerted effort through the TTIP to unleash the potential of biotechnology in the Transatlantic economy and beyond will go a long way to bringing innovative products to consumers, create jobs, and improve economic prospects on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sustaining and building upon the innovative edge of U.S. and EU biotechnology leaders requires investment from the public and private sector; an efficient system leveraging university research through transfer from the public to the private sector; strong and predictable intellectual property protections and enforcement; and a science-based, streamlined regulatory system.

The TTIP represents a profoundly important opportunity to advance progress in these areas. The following comments represent BIO’s initial suggestions for the formulation of negotiating objectives relevant to biotechnology. Through dialogue with negotiators, regulators, and other stakeholders, we expect to further refine and expand upon these suggestions as the TTIP process moves forward.