Building a World-Class Innovative Therapeutic Biologics Industry in China

Therapeutic biologics are an opportunity to address unmet patient needs, drive innovation, and assist China's transformation into a knowledge-intensive economy.  Benchmarking other countries, as well as China’s small molecule and early-generation biologics sectors show it is critical to focus on both supply and demand to create industry players that produce high quality products, proactively build the market, and invest in continuous innovation.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Improve regulatory processes by aligning key requirements with global standards to shorten delays in bringing new therapies to China and reduce inefficiency for the industry
  • Develop the marketplace with enhanced reimbursement and strengthened IP protection to enable patient access and encourage investment and innovation
  • Stimulate innovation by fostering more collaboration to speed the translation of research  discoveries into new medicines and accelerate the growth of industry capabilities

BIO’s global innovative members are ready and willing to assist with innovative products, investment, collaboration, talent development, global cooperation, and policy expertise.