Animal Biotechnology Policy Committee

Chair:  Ron Stotish, AquaBounty       
Staff Contact:  Cathleen Enright, Executive Vice President, Food & Agriculture,   

Description: The Committee is responsible for strategic planning and work plan objectives, oversight of work plan implementation, and policy position recommendations on animal-based product issues.  Membership is composed of companies that enhance livestock production through animal genomics, animal cloning and transgenics.  Other areas would include development of diagnostics, vaccines and animal-made pharmaceuticals to improve animal and human health.

Alan Blake, GloFish
Alanna Temme, Boehringer-Ingelheim
Dave Faber, TransOva
David Ayares,  Revivicor           
Eddie Sullivan, SAB Biotherapeutics    
John Swart, Exemplar Genetics
Rob Readnour, Elanco
Ron Stotish, AquaBounty       
Richard Scotland, GTC BIO
Scott Fahrenkrug, Recombinetics  

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