Director, Investor Relations & Programming

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Position Title: Director, Investor Relations & Programming
Department: Business Development 
Reports to: Vice President, Business Operations

Position summary: 

The primary roles of this position are to: 1) serve as BIO’s direct conduit to the investment, venture capital and banking communities, providing the organization with important information about the financial sector that directly impacts BIO members and the biotech industry, as well as engaging these entities for sponsorship and programming support for BIO events; and 2) to manage and execute the program development for BIO’s investor and business development events.  The position requires the individual to lead the development of BIO’s public and private investor programs and play a key role in programming for BIO's business development events.


Engagement with Investment & Banking Communities

1.     Develop and maintain relationships with representatives of the buy-side, sell-side, banking and venture capital communities to support BIO’s programs.  Lead outreach and communications to investors (institutional, VCs, etc.) and bank analysts.

2.     Develop and maintain relationships with corporate management, partners, sponsors, supporters, and industry experts including attendance at bank-sponsored and related investor events.

3.     Attend Wall Street events, including banking and investment conferences and analyst days run by companies.

4.     Provide competitive intelligence to the Business Operations, Sponsorship and Marketing teams regarding competitive investor events (eg. companies presenting, format, program, logistics, innovations, etc.)

5.     Lead communications to the investment community on BIO's policy and advocacy positions including:

• Conference calls with investment banks featuring BIO executives; and
• Road shows with BIO executives to investment community.

6.     Organize and support investment bank marketing, sponsor outreach, communications and benefits.

7.     Obtain or conduct research and analysis on investment and investor trends within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

8.     This position also requires management of outreach to investment banks in order to procure sponsorship dollars for BIO’s investor-focused events.

Program Development & Execution

1.     Research and analyze therapeutic, technology, and investment trends and developments to determine programming components at BIO’s investor conferences and other events as needed.

2.     Collaborate with marketing team to develop key messages for BIO's investor-focused and other events, and provide guidance on timing and content of conference-specific marketing.

3.     Manage web-site content and provide editorial guidance for pre-conference and onsite collateral materials for investor-focused events.

4.     Develop the concept, vision, and execution for the schedule and program of BIO’s conferences, including:

• Identifying, recruiting and working closely with a conference specific Advisory Committee;
• Determining session and plenary topics;
• Identifying/recruiting speakers;
• Moderating advisory committee and session conference calls;
• Providing guidance for selection, invitation and scheduling of presenting companies; and
• Drafting and editing programming press releases.

5.     Develop and manage an IR communication strategy for BIO senior management.

6.     Develop and maintain strategic partnerships that promote BIO’s industry analytics and the success of the biotech industry.


The candidate should have a strong understanding of the biotechnology industry and its unique capital formation needs, including knowledge of the major players in the corporate, banking, and investor areas of the industry. 

The person filling this position should be comfortable understanding how to use financial databases to develop summaries and presentations of investor and investment trends within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, or to obtain, review and communicate such summaries and presentations through other sources. 

The candidate should have outstanding networking skills and effective communication skills, with strong writing and oral communication ability.  The candidate should have experience managing large projects as well as people management skills.  The individual must work well in a team environment, but be capable of executing and working independently.

Masters in Business Administration strongly preferred.
Advanced degrees in science or medicine will also be considered favorably.    
8+ years of related work experience, including at least 3 to 5 years of experience in the biotech industry, investor relations, industry analysis, or a related industry preferred.

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