Director, Web and New Media Communications

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Position Title: Director, Web and New Media Communications

Department: Communications

Reports to: Vice President of Communications

Position Summary:

Develop and direct strategy and implementation of projects related to BIO’s websites, social media, and online communications strategies to further BIO’s organizational and communications goals, support BIO’s advocacy positions, organizational branding and industry position.


1. Develop and oversee implementation of the vision and strategic goals for BIO’s online activities including, BIO’s blog platform, social media properties, interactive content, etc. Develop and implement annual plan guiding BIO’s online communications activities.
2. Manage online communications and website enhancement projects in support of organizational goals.
3. Supervise and develop content for and BIO’s online properties. Ensure consistency of content across all properties. Work across BIO departments to ensure content is current and relevant to current priorities. Establish and enforce broad content goals and ensure that online user experience, content and design reinforce BIO’s offline objectives and goals.
4. Coordinate and team with BIO’s IT staff on development and maintenance of information architecture, hosting and database integration with BIO online properties.
5. Ensure online properties follow branding guidelines established by BIO’s marketing department.
6. Measure, analyze and optimize the effectiveness of online properties and activities.
7. Ensure the productivity of online content team members and contractors.
8. Directly manage the BIO Newsletter, the organization’s email newsletter, and support email communications efforts from across the organization. Use various tools to monitor email performance metrics and continually optimize emails based on results.
9. Work with BIO’s Conventions & Conferences department and vendors to implement content and strategies in support of the BIO International Convention.
10. Provide interactive and visual design assistance to IT staff as necessary in support of application development.
11. Manage the contracting and invoicing process for online communications consultants.
12. Manage the organization’s online communications budget.


• Ability to formulate and promote a vision for BIO’s online activities.
• Ability to develop strategies integrating organizational goals into an online vision.
• Knowledge of interactive design, information architecture and user centric design techniques and processes.
• Knowledge of email marketing tools, social media platforms, web analytics tools and web content management systems.
• Background knowledge of HTML, CSS and other web programming languages.
• Ability to stay up-to-date on the latest web technologies and best practices.
• Ability to distill strategy and goals from internal clients and communicate between technical and non-technical audiences.
• Ability to lead a team of professionals, both technical and non-technical, employees and consultants.
• A wide degree of creative problem solving is required.
• Bachelor’s degree
• 8+ years experience in the field
• Experience integrating strategic goals and visions into online properties
• Previous experience with primary responsibility for a website
• Political campaign experience a plus
• Previous management experience
• Hands-on experience working with related web technologies and tools

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