Manager, Industry Research

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Position Title: Manager, Industry Research

Department:  Public Affairs/Membership

Reports to: Vice President, External Affairs & Member Services

Position summary: 

The primary purpose of the position is to provide biotechnology industry information and support for the Member Services team. The position also requires significant forecasting and tracking of dues revenue. Extensive detail is required – such as companies' business, product pipeline, impactful news, and executive management – that will be gathered from industry publications, websites, and SEC filings. In addition to collecting this information, this individual will enter it into BIO’s membership database to maintain current, high-quality data to be used in membership recruitment, retention, and customer service. Significant research, data analysis, data management, and data cleansing is required. 

This individual will implement solutions and be responsible on a day-to-day basis for acquiring, validating, cleansing, and integrating external and internally-generated data. In addition to working with other departments on an as-needed basis to fulfill specific research requests and monitor data integrity, this person will provide customized data reports to department staff, and assist staff as needed with developing reports. Reporting will include but not be limited to variables such as member status, company revenue, location, and therapeutic focus.


•  Evaluate and categorize member & non-member demographic data using publicly-available resources (such as annual filings/10Ks, Yahoo/Google Finance, company websites, etc.)
•  Develop and keep current corporate profiles for BIO member companies and recruits
•  Manage membership dues forecast model
•  In cooperation with BIO’s finance team, track and report dues revenue on a monthly basis
•  Manage recruitment data, including database of nationwide recruits, and maintain contract tracking as needed
•  Identify viable recruitment targets for BIO staff based on events and other travel
•  Implement and integrate association-wide data into an effective tool for membership retention and recruitment purposes
•  Monitor various news outlets for noteworthy accomplishments regarding member companies and top recruits
•  Compile and report on e-mail marketing statistics, including opt-outs
•   Update and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for data management
•   Represent BIO at industry conferences as necessary
•   Assist with general membership inquiries as needed


•  Attention to detail a must
•  Must be proficient with Excel
•  Strong analytical skills
•  Experience with large and complex data sets
•  Business research experience is a plus
•  Familiarity with the biotech and healthcare industry is a plus
•  Experience with Microsoft Office products, including Access, Outlook and PowerPoint
•  Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as strong oral communication skills

Bachelor’s Degree (ideally Business/Finance)

5 years of experience required

Experience in association and/or biotechnology industry a plus


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