Patient Advocacy Committee

Chair: Paul Hastings, President & CEO, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Staff Contacts:  Frederick Bittenbender, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs,

Description:  The committee oversees BIO’s Alliance Development initiatives and strategic engagement with third party stakeholders including patient advocacy, provider, and other organizations committed to ensuring access to innovative therapies.  

Paul Hastings, President & CEO, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Adrian Adams,  President & CEO, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Stuart Arbuckle,  EVP & CCO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Ron Cohen,  President & CEO, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
Michelle Dipp, Chief Executive Officer, Ovascience
Julie Gerberding, President, Merck & Co., Inc.
Jeffrey Hatfield, Chief Executive Officer, Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Rachel King, President & CEO, GlycoMimetics, Inc.
Nick Leschly, President & CEO, bluebird bio
Gail Maderis, President & CEO, BayBio
David  Meeker, Chief Executive Officer, Genzyme Corporation
Vicent Milano, President & CEO, ViroPharma, Inc.
Arlene Morris, President & CEO,  Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Kristine Peterson, Chief Executive Officer, Valeritas, Inc. 
Richard Pops, Chairman & CEO,  Alkermes
Raymond Sacchetti, Sr. Vice President, U.S. Access & Government Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squidd
Hans Schikan, Chief Executive Officer, Prosensa
Jay Siegel, Chief Biotechnology Officer & Head, Scientific Strategy & Policy, Johnson & Johnson
David Stack, President & CEO, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
H. Thomas Watkins, Chair Emeritus, BIO
Neil Warma,  President & CEO, Opexa Therapeutics, Inc.
Allen Waxman, Senior VP & General Counsel, Eisai, Inc. 
Jeffrey Wren, Senior VP, President North American Region, UCB
Bradford Zakes, Chief Executive Officer, Cerevast Therapeutics, Inc. 


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