Policy Coordinator

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Position Title:        Policy Coordinator

Department:           Industrial and Environmental

Reports to:              Executive Vice President





  • Staff three I&E directors and the executive vice president as needed
  • Prepare and distribute communications to IES policy working groups, set up meetings and conference calls, record meeting notes, send follow-up emails
  • Help EVP and directors manage schedules, files, invoices and other paperwork
  • Coordinate with directors and others on meetings sponsored by the IES including the annual Section legislative fly-in
  • Monitor media and other outlets for articles and notices relevant to IES activities
  • Manage section board-level committee meetings and periodic section conference calls
  • Maintain contact lists for relevant Hill committees and caucuses as well as section member company databases for support of advocacy activities
  • Draft correspondence for the directors and executive vice president as needed
  • Complete expense reports as needed
  • Assist with governing board matters and follow up on section member requests, emails, telephone calls, mailings, etc
  • Develop and help produce advocacy material for Hill advocacy.
  • Assist with compiling speaker information for section track, staff section track on-site, assist with receptions and other events as needed
  • Help with organizing all IES conferences as needed
  • Maintain and update the IES website
  • Assist in setting up advocacy visits to members of Congress and at federal agencies as needed
  •  Work cooperatively within all departments of BIO to achieve BIO and section goals
  •  Other duties as assigned




  • Excellent analytical and judgment skills 
  • Some technical knowledge about industrial and environmental biotechnology
  • Very organized
  • Superb communication skills, both in person and over the phone
  • Highly driven and results-oriented a must
  • Exceptionally detail oriented and organized
  • Good writing and creative marketing skills 
  • Computer literate; Word, Excel, database systems
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree helpful.


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