Public Awareness Committee

Chair: Mark Skaletsky, Cheif Executive Officer, Fenway Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 
Staff Contact: Kenneth Lisaius, Vice President, Communications,

Description:  The committee oversees BIO’s communications, media relations, website, public education, focus groups, and external outreach initiatives.

Mark Skaletsky, Cheif Executive Officer, Fenway Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Alexis Borisy, Chairman, Forma Therapeutics, Inc. 
Ron Cohen, President & CEO, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
Stanley Crooke, Chairman & CEO, Isis Pharmaceuticals
Douglas  Doerfler, President & CEO, MaxCyte, Inc.
David  Hale, Chairman, Micromet, Inc.
Paul  Hastings, President & CEO, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Perry Karsen, Chief Operations Officer, Celgene
Arlene Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Syndax
John  Orwin, Chief Executive Officer, Affymax, Inc.
David  Pyott, Chairman & CEO, Allergan, Inc.
Timothy  Rodell, President & CEO, GlobeImmune
Robert Zerbe, Chief Executive Officer, QuatRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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