We will pursue applications of biotechnology that hold the promise of saving lives or improving the quality of life.

Position Title: Coordinator, Science and Regulatory Affairs         

Department:  Health/Policy Department

Reports to: Managing Director, Science and Regulatory Affairs                           

Position summary: 

Position Title:  Web Manager   

Department: Communications  

Reports to: Director, Web & New Media

Position summary: 

More than 40 biotech companies have gone public using provisions made available to emerging growth companies through the JOBS Act. BIOtechNOW’s JOBS Act Deconstructed series explores why it has had such an impact on biotech offerings and how emerging companies can leverage the new law to their best advantage.

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law by President Obama on April 5, 2012. The law mandated certain changes to Rule 506 of SEC Regulation D designed to spur capital formation for growing innovators. The required Regulation D reforms took effect on September 23, 2013, after being finalized by the SEC this summer. A summary of these changes is outlined below.

Position Title:         Senior Manger, Sponsorship       

Department:           Corporate Development & Marketing

Reports to:             Managing Director, Sponsorship


Primary Purpose of the Position:

Position Title:            Senior Director, State Government Affairs

Department:             State Government Affairs

Reports To:                Senior Vice President, External Affairs


Position Summary

Position Title:            Assistant, Vaccines, Biodefense and Diagnostics Policy

Department:          Policy

Position Title:      Human Resources Payroll Coordinator               

Department:        Finance and Administration

Reports to:           Managing Director, Human Resources

Salary Range:      Commensurate with experience


Primary Purpose of the Position:

California’s Assembly and Senate have both overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 598, legislation that creates a pathway for the substitution of interchangeable biologic medicines.


Position Title:        Policy Coordinator

Department:           Industrial and Environmental

Reports to:              Executive Vice President





Position Title:    Conference Coordinator - Programming, Exhibits and Customer Service

Department: Industrial & Environmental   

Reports to: Manager, Industrial & Environmental Conferences


Job Summary:

Increased Visibility = Increased Opportunity
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BIO PAC serves as a non-partisan, transparent fund that provides financial support to candidates who demonstrate support on issues vital to our members and the biotechnology industry overall. BIO PAC provides BIO and its member companies the opportunity to strengthen relationships with candidates and a greater ability to communicate BIO priorities and messages.

YES!  I want to join BIO PAC and help advocate biotechnology.  I understand that my personal contribution is completely voluntary and will be used to support the campaigns of candidates for federal office.

YES! I want to support BIO PAC and help advocate biotechnology. BIO PAC financially supports candidates who understand our industry. I understand that my personal contribution is completely voluntary and will be used to support the campaigns of candidates for federal office.

Position Title:      Coordinator

Department:       State Government Relations and Alliance Development

Reports to:           Director, Alliance Development


Job Summary: 


Since the 2012 signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), many small businesses in the biotech community have benefited from the JOBS Act by being able to focus on research and development rather than onerous and burdensome regulations.

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comments to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce regarding the implementation and importance of the RFS.

Global adoption of biotechnology-derived plant productsi continues to rise at a rapid rate - with an increasing number of authorizations for new and combined events, as well as the emergence of developing nations creating and commercializing novel products.

Earlier this week, BIO submitted a letter and white paper to the U.S. Trade Representative outlining recommendations for policies to pursue with TPP negotiating partners to ensure intellectual property protection for innovative biologic products.

It is imperative that the TPP create a set of strong intellectual property standards – particularly those governing data protection, patents and trade secret protection – that are relevant to biological products.