Had another very productive day on Wednesday at the BIO 2008 conference making and strengthening connections.

I've had a number of additional conversations on social networking in the biotechnology industry.

I heard today from the "Man On the Street." And he spoke of the, "The Sequencer and the Terminator."  and began by saying........

They started lining up an hour before high noon. Lunch with two houses of power -  Craig Venter and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger – clearly both were a huge draw. And neither disappointed! Venter quipped about preceding the Governor. “After all,” he joked, “no one wants to have to speak following the Governor!”

All the indicators say, grow, grow, grow in the new report, Technology, Talent and Capital: State Bioscience Initiatives 2008, released today at the BIO International Convention. Some highlights:

India is a blend of traditional and modern cultures. Navigating the chaotic streets of Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai means maneuvering among modern Toyotas, lumbering trucks and rickety buses, three-wheeled taxis, or “tok toks,” bicycles, push carts — all of this and more.

States and regions throughout the United States are investing to create a business climate that supports the specific needs of the biosciences sector.

BIO's Dr. Ted Buckley discusses his research paper, How To Encourage R&D For Neglected Diseases.  He suggests a variety of incentives some of which have been tried in other fields with varying degrees of success including the idea of a prize which would be paid in a lump sum when a product attains regulatory approval.

Read Dr. Buckley's paper.

Download or Listen to the Podcast now.

Gov. Deval Patrick (Mass.) and Former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) chatted about everything from the high cost of prescription drugs and health care to biofuels.

The Regenerative Medicine session on Cell De-Differentiation addressed this issue with some hard science.

It is good to be in San Diego and be meeting many colleagues and friends I haven't seen since the last BIO.  This conference really does manage to draw people and enable them to connect. Went to a great seminar this morning titled "Do you have a clue what big pharma is looking for?"  The answer was I thought very encouraging for early stage biotech companies which are obtaining higher valuations and able to do deals in many cases with only pre-clinical data.  Some of the challenges that were identified included;

The BIO International Convention is in San Diego this week so it seemed like a good time for BIO's President and CEO, Jim Greenwood to sit down with the the San Diego Union Tribune and share the industry perspective with San Diego's business community. Read the article