Position Title: Director, Web and New Media Communications

Department: Communications

Reports to: Vice President of Communications

Position Summary:

Develop and direct strategy and implementation of projects related to BIO’s websites, social media, and online communications strategies to further BIO’s organizational and communications goals, support BIO’s advocacy positions, organizational branding and industry position.

Position Title:  Senior Manager, Product Management and Partnering Web Applications

Department:   Emerging Companies Section 

Reports to:   Director, Investor Relations & Business Development

Position summary: 

Position Title: Director, Sales  

Department:  Conventions & Conferences 

Reports to: Vice President, Conventions & Conferences

Position summary:  

Position Title: Director of Communications & Executive Writer
Department: Communications
Reports to: Vice President, Communications

Position summary:
Serve as a senior level speechwriter and for BIO President & CEO and Chairman.  Develop Congressional testimony, op-eds, magazine/journal articles and online content. create strategy and tactical approaches for message development, scheduling, audience and placement. 

Position Title:       Manager, Event & Health Communications

Department:         Communications

Reports to::           Sr. Director, Health Communications and Director, Events Communications

Position summary: 

Meta-analysis is used to inform a wide array of questions ranging from pharmaceutical safety to the relative effectiveness of different medical interventions. Meta-analysis also can be used to generate new hypotheses and reflect on the nature and possible causes of heterogeneity between studies.

Farmers using improved seeds and biotech crop varieties continue to see significant economic and on-farm environmental benefits in their 16th year of widespread adoption, according to the eighth annual report on crop biotechnology impacts prepared by UK-based PG Economics.

S.391 and H.R. 475 update the existing excise tax to cover newly approved season flu vaccines

The bioscience industry is one of the most innovative and important economic drivers in the United States, accounting for over 1.6 million jobs.

Biotechnology helps societies solve old problems in new ways. Through the science of using living cells and the discovery of new molecules, biotech innovation provides societies with innovative means to address their most urgent needs: fighting disease, feeding the hungry, and improving the environment.

According to the ISAAA report for 2012, farmers around the world continue to enthusiastically embrace and adopt genetically engineered (GE) crops because of their tremendous environmental and economic benefits and contribution to food security.

Recently BIO hosted the 15th annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The conference is the largest investor conference focused on for established and emerging publicly traded and select private biotech companies.

Congress created the 340B program in 1992 to help uninsured indigent patients gain better access to prescription medicines. This white paper examines the history and original intent of the program as well as highlights key findings to help policymakers ensure that the 340B program meets its stated purpose and to provide a roadmap for next steps to be considered.

The biosimilars pathway is critical for China's biotechnology industry – and this is evident in the investment the government is making in the manufacture of biotech products

Project BioShield seeks to expand the U.S. stockpile of medical countermeasures for potential chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) attacks.

BIO’s sponsorship opportunities provide industry leaders with heightened visibility through “Double Helix” and “Helix” sponsorships.

President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law on April 5, 2012. BIO advocated strongly for this new law, which includes several important policies designed to stimulate capital formation for growing businesses.

Biotechnology companies must have some certainty that they can protect their investment in the development of new breakthrough therapies for a substantial period of time.

As an exclusive members-only benefit, BIO offers complimentary One-on-One meeting rooms during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, taking place January 7-10, 2013, in San Francisco.

Through its advocacy efforts, BIO’s Food and Agriculture Section supports a regulatory framework that facilitates and enables the development and commercialization of new biotechnology-derived plant products.

Now is the time to start planning your business goals for 2013 and one of the best ways to achieve those goals is through sponsoring BIO’s global events. Through sponsoring with BIO, your organization can:

In an effort to bring innovative new medicines to patients more efficiently, while protecting and enhancing patient safety, BIO is developing an initiative to modernize clinical trials.