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BIO’s Mission is to be the champion for biotechnology. We advocate for policies that will enable the realization of biotechnology’s promise for providing breakthrough products to cure disease, protecting against bio-terrorism, feeding the hungry, and cleaning our environment.

April 23, 2013

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February 8, 2013

Kimball Thomson, President & CEO of BioUtah discusses his organization and what makes Utah...

July 19, 2012

Bioscience economic development in a nation as large and diverse as the United States is as...

March 21, 2012

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May 8 2013
BIO  urges Florida Governor Scott to sign House Bill 365 – a bill related to the substitution of biologic and biosimilar medicines – which recently passed out of the Legislature.
February 1 2013
BIO supports passage of Florida House Bill 365, which provides requirements for pharmacist to dispense substitute biological products that are determined to be interchangeable for prescribed biological product.
January 24 2013
To ensure transparency and communication between patients and their treatment teams, BIO believes that certain safeguards should guide substitution policies for interchangeable biologics under state law as well.
January 24 2013
The policies outlined in Senate Bill 2190 align with all five of BIO’s Principles on Biologic Product Substitution and we therefore support its passage.
January 24 2013
BIO opposes the proposal to subject certain cancer therapies to prior authorization measures under Senate Bill 2066.
March 25 2014
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the Indiana Health Industry Forum (IHIF) commend Indiana Governor Mike Pence for signing legislation today designed to create a pathway for the substitution of interchangeable biologic medicines.
January 22 2014
BIO and WBBA commend the Washington State House and Senate for continuing to advance legislation designed to create a pathway for the substitution of interchangeable biologic medicines.
November 13 2013
The Pennsylvania Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee approved Senate Bill 405, which would require a pharmacist to notify the patient and, within 72 hours, the patient’s physician of any biologic product substitution.
September 5 2013
Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of BIO, issued the following statement on the California Senate's passage of Senate Bill 598.
August 1 2013
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