Gene Patenting

May 24, 2012

Gene Patents and the Myriad patent case reveal the confusion that often occurs when you mix...

March 10, 2010

A new federal recommendation could hinder innovations from biotechnology R&D by limiting...

February 12, 2010

A patent case winding its way through U.S. District Court has the potential to hinder...

February 4, 2010

On February 4th, BIO hosted a media briefing on how efforts to restrict gene patenting and...

February 1 2013
BIO commends the INPI for their efforts to devise guidelines for examining biotechnology related inventions. Given the technological advances and the innovation that spurs it are the primary drivers of economic growth in the modern era, it is critical that patent laws and practices properly motivate and reward innovation.
February 14 2012
BIO has identified the following countries of interest and recommends the following for our 2011 Special 301 submission.
February 25 2011
BIO believes that the proposed amendment would, if adopted, have significant unintended and adverse consequences in all sectors of biotechnology and for patients and consumers in Australia. This amendment also would fail to affect its intended purpose, which is to advance medical and scientific research and the diagnosis and cure of human illness and disease.
June 13 2013
The SCOTUS decision represents a departure from judicial and PTO precedent supporting patentability of DNA molecules. The decision could create business uncertainty for a range of inventions.