About the Livestock Biotech Summit

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This Summit provides an opportunity for discussions on genetic technology applied to agricultural animals including benefits, research and development, regulatory systems, and challenges to advancing health, food, and industrial applications of animal biotechnology.  In one venue, attendees have the opportunity to interact with thought leaders from industry, academia, venture capital, and government about the field of animal biotechnology and opportunities for the utilization of science in the production of food, health products, and fibers necessary for the world’s population.

Our location this year in Sioux Falls, SD gives us the opportunity to interact with the leaders in animal production and realize the possibilities for genetics-based solutions to animal disease and production.  During our last Summit in 2012, we had robust discussions on topics such as the care and use of animals in research, new discoveries in animal biotechnology, communicating science to the lay audience, and international applications of the technology including attendees from around the world.  Our attendees gave us high marks for a successful meeting such as:

“My goals were to meet other organizations making regulatory submissions to the FDA as well as have an opportunity to speak to the FDA regulators in attendance.  This goal was achieved in spades.  Furthermore, I met with other participants that provided a bonus for attending, not to mention the opportunity to tell the community of our recent advances…”

The networking opportunities are numerous at the Summit with influential colleagues in animal biotechnology.  We hold two receptions along with providing breakfast, lunch, and breaks throughout the day as a part of your registration.  Our Gala Reception will be held offsite in the heart of Sioux Falls.  Our attendees in 2012 gave the Gala Reception praise: “The Gala Reception was a definite highlight.” “What a treat!” “The food was fantastic.  It was great to get people to relax and speak freely about their own programs.”

Join us at the industry’s premier event for animal biotechnology!

BIO Livestock Biotech Summit
Sioux Fall, SD
Sioux Falls Convention Center
September 16-18, 2014