BIO CEO General Registration

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Investors: please visit this page to apply for investor registration.


Early Bird Registration Fees (through December 17, 2015)

Group packages are available

      BIO Member Rate   Standard Rate
  Biotech/Pharma Company   $1,800
  Group Package1   $4,860
  Academic/Gov't/Non-Profit3   $875   $875
  Service Providers/Suppliers   $4,000  

Regular Registration Fees (After December 17, 2015)

      BIO Member Rate   Standard Rate
  Biotech/Pharma Company   $2,000
  Group Package1   $5,400
  Academic/Gov't/Non-Profit3   $875
  Service Providers/Suppliers   $4,000   $5,000



Presentation Fees

      BIO Member Rate Standard Rate
  Public Company1, 2   $3,000 $3,750
  Private Company1, 2   $2,000 $2,500

1All eligible biotech and pharma companies receive up to a 10% discount when registering three employees.  If your company is registering more than three employees, please contact BIO for further discounts.  Please note: The group package rate does NOT include a corporate presentation.  

2A code is required to register as a presenter for a company presentation. If you have already been confirmed as a presenter, you should have received a registration code with a checklist. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Brian Pinkston at

3A code is required for academic, government, and non-profit registration. Please send your request to

Note: The deadline for Company Presentations is December 17, 2015. After this date, a waiting list will be implemented.

Read our full list of registration policies here.

For the purposes of registration for any BIO event, conference or meeting, the classification of a registrant as a research and development company, an industry service provider, an academic & technology licensing officer or a qualifying investor is subject to review by BIO.  In its sole discretion, BIO reserves the right to make the determination of the proper classification of a registrant.  Depending on this classification, an additional registration fee maybe required. BIO reserves the right to publish materials and restrict conference and/or partnering system access consistent with these determinations. 

Contact Business Development Registration

Customer Service Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Monday-Friday
Email: BD_Registration(at)
US & Canada Toll Free: (866) 356-5155
International:  +1 (202) 962-6666