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Thank you for your interest in the BIO Convention in China Business Buzz Newsletters! Here are the past newsletters to get you up to speed on the latest trends and developments in the China biopharma sector. And remember to keep coming back each week for the latest newsletter!

Biotech A Prominent Focus of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan

Revenues from biologics are skyrocketing in China, posting an annual growth rate of 32.2% from 2006-2010; the country’s total healthcare expenditures are also growing annually at a double digit rate per capita (Deloitte)....

China is Helping Shape the Global Oncology Pipeline

While China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization have propelled the country to new heights of prosperity, this breakneck growth has also driven the incidence of chronic disease...

How To Bring Your A-Game To China

Biopharma companies are focusing on China to participate in the double digit growth of this important emerging market...

China’s SFDA Planning Biosimilar Regulations and Speedier Innovative Drug Approvals

China’s SFDA recently revealed that it has begun to draft guidelines for biosimilar drugs, calling upon scientists and entrepreneurs to actively participate in the process...

Who's Got the Influence in China’s Biopharma Sector?

As members of highly-regulated industries, biotechnology companies’ futures are tied to a range of government regulations, financing, incentives, laws and stakeholders...

Chinese In-Licensing Jumps to Record Levels

Chinese companies are eager to collaborate with their ex-China counterparts, striking up joint ventures, in and out-licensing agreements and marketing pacts.

The Globalization and Modernization of TCM

Mentions of Chinese medicine can conjure up images of mysterious brews for all types of ailments...