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One-on-One Partnering™ is now closed. Thank you for attending! We hope to see you again in 2014!

BIO One-on-One PartneringTM is proprietary software developed by BIO that allows selected registrants to utilize an online database tool to:

  • Search company and investor profiles.
  • Evaluate potential collaborations and funding opportunities with participating companies.
  • Communicate directly with prospective investors and senior business and scientific management.
  • Pre-schedule private one-on-one meetings.

New to BIO One-on-One PartneringTMLearn how to use the system in six steps here.

With the overall objective of creating a friendly environment to initiate business contacts, scheduled meetings take place in 30-minute intervals in private rooms provided by BIO onsite of the conference.  Prior to the conference, pre-scheduled meetings are arranged via the online partnering system and will be automatically scheduled by BIO.  This industry-specific, web-based interactive software enables participants to move efficiently from the identification of prospective partners to discussion and negotiations.  Our partnering system has been utilized in the industry for over 10 years; read about it's evolution here.


Want to learn more about One-on-One PartneringTM?

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