BioSafe Meetings

BIO’s Preclinical Safety Committee (BioSafe) will hold its BioSafe Europe Meeting in Windsor, UK at The Oakley Court on November 5-6, 2013 hosted by UCB-Celltech. The meeting’s goal is to provide industry experience and perspectives gained to help ensure common understanding and continued application of scientific principles with respect to key issues in preclinical safety evaluation of biopharmaceuticals. A draft agenda with start and ends times can be found here.
For more information please contact Victoria Dohnal.
The mission of BioSafe is to serve as a resource for BIO members and BIO staff by identifying and responding to key scientific and regulatory issues related to the preclinical safety evaluation of biopharmaceutical products.
The General Membership consists of over 30 companies who work on white papers, responses to regulatory guidance, and expert topic meetings. These companies also make up various ad hoc subcommittees including the Specialty Biologics Expert Working Group, the PK/PD Working Group, and the Comparability Task Force.
About the Meeting:
  • When: November 5-6, 2014
  • Where: The Oakley Court, Windsor, UK hosted by UCB-Celltech
  • Who: BIO members engaged in the conduct and reporting of preclinical safety evaluations for biopharmaceuticals.
Registration Information: This meeting is open to BIO member company staff engaged in the conduct and reporting of preclinical safety evaluation for biopharmaceuticals. Registration is not limited to BioSafe members, but your company must be a member of BIO. Registration is $175 to cover the cost of the meeting. Please register by Monday, October 24th to ensure your attendance at this meeting.
To Register:
  1. click on the registration link
  2. enter your email address, and BIO members only password
  3. click ‘continue to registration’
  4. enter payment information
  5. click ‘process my order’
  • You will need to enter your email address and password into BIO’s registration management system 'Personify'. If you cannot remember your password, you can use the 'Forgot Password' button. A link will be emailed so you may change your password.
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Hotel Room Block:
We do have rooms reserved at The Oakley Court, please contact Victoria Dohnal for details on how to reserve a room in the block.
Topics Include:
  • Wanted vs. Unwanted Immune Activation
  • Bi-Specific Scaffolds
  • How PK/PD Can Impact/Optimize Toxicology Study Design
  • Cytokine Release: Key Challenges in Human Translation
  • Advanced Theapeutic Medicinal Products (Cell and Gene Therapies)
BioSafe is a committee within BIO's Health Section, comprised of BIO members working to identify key scientific and regulatory issues and developments related to the preclinical safety evaluation of biopharmaceutical products and recommending appropriate science-based responses.