Getting There

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Air Travel and Ground Transportation

São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport s the main international airport serving São Paulo, Brazil. It is located in the municipality of Guarulhos in Greater São Paulo. 

São Paulo has an extensive taxi fleet which includes yellow metered cabs which can be hailed in the streets, as well as a series of special taxis operated by licensed companies which can be found at the airports, hotels or booked by phone. From the international airport and the main shopping centers most of the special taxis work on a fixed fare by area which is paid in advance at the company's counter above which the fare price must be displayed.

General Travel Information

Visa Requirements
As the Brazilian Foreign Office bases its actions on reciprocity, visitors from the some foreign countries, including the United States, will require a visa that is issued prior to traveling. Requirements typically include a passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival, one passport size photograph, and a round trip ticket. Please visit your nearest Brazilian embassay or consulate for more information. Most international airlines can also advise on visa requirements for tourists.

Foreign Exchange
The Brazilian monetary unit is the Real (R$). The exchange rate available to visitors is published daily in the newspaper along with the commercial dollar rate of the day used in official international business transactions. Cash and traveler checks, especially US Dollars, can be exchanged at most banks or exchange houses as well as major hotels. All major credit cards are accepted in Brazil and some stores will accept foreign currency.