Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering

Track Sponsored by: Codexis
4/30/2012- 8:30am
Microbial Synthesis to Renewable Chemicals
LoriGiver, Codexis
ThomasBeardslee, Verdezyne, Inc.
NeleBuschke, TU Braunschweig
George Guo-QiangChen, Tsinghua University
JianYu, University of Hawaii
4/30/2012- 10:30am
Metabolic Engineering in Non- Traditional Microbial Chassis
AlexanderBeliaev, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
BrettBarney, University of Minnesota
VictoriaWork, Colorado School of Mines
AdamKennedy, Metabolon
4/30/2012- 2:30pm
Bioprocess Production Improvements
CameronBegley, CSIRO
IamO'Hara, Queensland University of Technology
TehreemaIftikhar, GC University Faisalabad
MarcinLos, Phage Consultants
5/2/2012- 10:30am
Commercial Value Chain Integration
MurrayMcLaughlin, Sustainable Chemistry Alliance
DougKemp-Welch, Solutions4CO2
DavidMilory, Vertichem
SandyMarshall, Lanxess Canada
5/1/2012- 2:30pm
Biopolymers: Current Industrial Developments and Future Options
ManfredKircher, CLIB2021
PatrickFuertes, Roquette Frères
JoeKockelkoren, DSM Bio-based Products & Services B.V
HaraldHaeger, Evonik Industries AG
MarcStruhalla, c-LEcta GmbH
5/1/2012- 8:30am
Alternative Feedstocks for Biorefineries
WilliamBaum, Genomatica
FrancoisEudes, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
PaulStuart, Ecole Polytechnique
VirginieChambost, EnVertis
TimCesarek, Waste Management