Drug Development Boot Camp at Harvard University with the Office of Technology Development and Speid & Associates, Inc.

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Office of Technology Development and Speid & Associates, Inc.
Start Date: 
Sun, 2011-10-09
End Date: 
Thu, 2011-11-10
7 am EST
The Harvard Club
Dr. Lorna Speid

The Drug Development Boot Camp program is an intensive, integrated training on drug development. The Faculty are experts in their fields from large and small pharma. Mistakes can be extremely costly in drug development. Many CEOs and senior management team members have gaps in their knowledge of drug development that could cost their companies dearly.

Drug development is becoming more complex and also more and more expensive. Those involved with the process of developing new therapeutics must understand the process and be able to navigate it with great skill. Failure is incredibly expensive.

The Drug Development Boot Camp will provide experience of the drug development process using a variety of methods. This will be an intensive but fun learning experience for all involved. You will learn in two days what it would take years to learn. A mixture of large/small pharma, and expert panel members will ensure panel discussions are relevant, responsive and applicable to situations that participants face. Participants must have 5-10 years of relevant experience and must be based in a company, NIH or academia setting.

The advertised price is all inclusive of tuition, all refreshments (light breakfast, coffee breaks, one reception). Hotel and flight costs are not included.