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Mon, 2012-10-08
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Mon, 2012-10-08
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San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco, CA
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BIO President & CEO Jim Greenwood penned an op-ed on the importance of technology transfer from academia to industry. To read more, visit BIOtechNow.
Finding Value in Early Stage Collaborations. Visit Patently Biotech to read Roy Zwahlen's blogpost on the upcoming BIO Technology Transfer Symposium.
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BIO's Technology Transfer Symposium highlights recent and successful early stage technology transfer deals from a variety of perspectives.  University and Government panelists will help attendees see how value was determined in early stage discoveries by discussing specific successful licensing deals and parameters that were taken into consideration.  Venture Capitalist panelists will also provide unique insights into how they evaluate and choose which early stage discoveries to fund.  Join us on Monday, October 8 and learn about how technology transfer offices and industry are working together to  commercialize early stage discoveries.
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