Manager, Industry Research & Event Programs

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Position Title: Manager, Industry Research & Event Programs
Department:  Business Development
Reports to: Vice President, Business Operations
Position summary: 

The primary purpose of this position is to: 1) lead, manage and execute programs for BIO’s investor & partnering events, which will include support for industry research & analysis related to the events; 2) lead efforts across the organization that provide support for programs at BIO’s investor & partnering events, which includes investor relations (relationships with the investment, venture capital and banking communities); 3) lead and manage the company presentation operations for BIO events; 4) support sponsorship’s integration into programs for BIO’s investor & partnering events; and 5) as needed, provide management and support for BIO’s partnering operations for BIO’s investor & partnering events. 


Program Development, Company Presentations & Partnering

1.   Research and analyze therapeutic, technology, and investment trends and developments to determine programming components at BIO’s investor & partnering events, and other BD events as necessary.  Review databases and literature for key catalysts to the biotech industry.

2.Develop and execute the schedule and program for successful BIO investor & partnering events, including:

  • Identify, recruit and work closely with a conference-specific Advisory Committee. Moderate advisory committee conference calls.
  • Identify/recruit speakers.  Write letters of invitation to conference or event speakers.
  • Lead program design, including writing panel descriptions, panelist outreach, and company recruitment.  Determine session and plenary topics. Create and/or edit presentations. 
  • Organize and lead pre-conference meetings and conference calls for panelists.
  • Organize and manage administrative staff/temp employees/consultants to plan, develop and implement successful events.

3.   Contribute original content to BIO’s online platforms and other social media (e.g. Twitter, Linked-in, etc.) related to programs for BIO’s investor & partnering events.

4.   Lead and manage BIO staff that undertake the scheduling and implementation of company presentations at BIO events.

5.   Manage the creation of a plan and timeline for company research, application process, invitation writing, letter & script development, implementation (including schedule grid and communication with the presenting companies) and follow-up for company presentations at BIO events.

6.   Develop and implement weekly tracking for metrics related to company presentations for BIO events. 

7.   Coordinate with sponsorship and marketing groups to develop strong programming for BIO events, supporting sponsorship integration and key messaging for investor & partnering events.  

8.   Coordinate on marketing pieces that highlight conference program elements and/or target the investor community.

9.   Depending on the event, provide management and support for BIO’s partnering operations at some of BIO’s investor & partnering events.  For example, during peak times for the Business Forum at the BIO International Convention, support customer service and partnering through relationship management (RM) for key sponsors.


•  A strong understanding of the biotechnology industry and its unique capital formation needs. 
•  Knowledge of the major players in the corporate, banking, and investor areas of the industry, or familiarity with BIO partnering & investor events and processes. 
•  Understanding of web application programs involving partnering and/or B2B matchmaking, as well as a strong record of customer service.   
•  Entrepreneurial and strong leadership/managerial skills.
•  Willing to examine existing models, and adjust or create new ones.
•  Strong networking and effective communication skills (both written & oral).
•  Ability and experience managing complex projects.
•  Ability to work independently.
•  Willing to travel. 
•  Minimum of 5 years in the biotech industry, investor relations, event/program organizing, or related experience. 
•  Experience managing staff or temporary employees.
•  BA required or equivalent years of work experience.
•  MBA, or other advanced degree, strongly preferred.
•  Degree in science.

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