Audit & Budget Committee

Chair: Daniel Junius, President & CEO, ImmunoGen, Inc.  
Staff Contacts: Joanne Duncan, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance & Administration,; Tom DiLenge, General Counsel & Head of Public Policy,

Subject Matter/Jurisdiction: The committee oversees the audit function, the annual budget process, treasury management, and organizational financial compliance.  The committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the BIO Board.  The committee recommends an independent audit firm, reviews the scope and plan for the audit, reviews the results of the audit with the auditors, provides oversight of BIO’s internal control structure, and resolves any disagreements between the auditors and management.  The committee also reviews the organization's investments with the outside investment advisor regularly. 


Daniel Junius, President & CEO, ImmunoGen, Inc.

Kristine Peterson, Chief Executive Officer, Valeritas, Inc.
David Pyott, Chairman & CEO, Allergan, Inc.
Brad Shurdut, Global Government and Regulatory Affairs Leader, Dow AgroSciences, LLC 
Mark Skaletsky, Chief Executive Officer, Fenway Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ronald Stotish, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Bounty Technologies, Inc.
Bradford Zakes, Chief Executive Officer, Cerevast Therapeutics, Inc.
Tom Watkins, Chair Emeritus,BIO

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