BIO Testimony to New Hampshire House Science, Technology and Energy Committee on HB 1220

BIO testifies on New Hamphire House Bill 1220, &ldquo;An Act Restricting the Addition of Corn-based Ethanol Gasoline Additives to No More Than 10 Percent of the Mixture of Gasoline&rdquo;</p>

The Honorable David Borden, Committee Chair The Honorable Charles Townsend, Committee Vice-Chair And the Members of the Science, Technology & Energy Committee:

Chairman Borden, Vice Chairman Townsend, and Members of the Committee, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (“BIO”) appreciates this opportunity to provide comments on HB 1220, legislation to restrict the addition of corn-based ethanol gasoline additives to no more than 10 percent of the mixture of gasoline. This proposal is of significant concern to BIO and its members in the State of New Hampshire and throughout the country.