From Bench to Bedside: How Do We Make a Difference?

“Addressing Global Health from Bench to Beside: Necessary Actions at Each State of the Value Chain” was the topic of today’s luncheon discussion. It was another high-level panel discussion with folks from industry, government and the nonprofit sectors. Two issues in particular that kept resurfacing. One was that the term “bedside” is means much more than hospitals. Today, an estimated 2.5 billion people in the world live on less than $2 day. These people never make it to a hospital, which ties into the second and, perhaps, more critical issue. To truly make an impact on global health and make a difference in the “e” in the equation (eliminating or eradicating neglected diseases), we need to figure out how to deliver our products to the front lines. After all, what good are great products, if we can’t get them to the people who need them? Something to ponder on your way back home tonight.