BIO China Brings Together East and West for Partnering and Deal Making

The mood at this week’s BIO China International Conference reflected a growing recognition of China’s emergence as a global leader in the biotech industry, and discussions focused on how best to navigate the various opportunities and challenges that exist in this rapidly emerging market.

Representatives from many leading global biotech and pharma companies attended the conference to explore opportunities to help boost their R&D activities through collaborations and partnerships as well as gain greater access to the Chinese market.

China’s government made a commitment to achieving excellence and global leadership in this industry, and named biotech as one of the four pillar industries critical for the country’s future.

With the proper public policies and regulatory framework in place,  the result may be a growing stream of new life science discoveries and innovative biotech products emerging from labs in China. These innovations would help launch more Chinese companies into the global market to take their place among the world’s leading companies.

The inaugural BIO China International Conference set the standard as an indispensable event for companies that want to engage with China’s biotech and pharma leaders. Furthermore, the event is an important forum for encouraging and supporting the growth of biotech in China.

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