BIO International Convention

The annual BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry. The Convention attracts the biggest names in biotech, offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends affecting the industry.

For policymakers, legislators, regulators and public officials, the BIO International Convention is the world’s most important venue to meet and exchange high-level dialogue with industry leaders, U.S. public policy officials, and representatives from more than 60 other countries.

The Convention offers a plethora of events designed to explore technological and policy solutions to global challenges using effective instruments that encourage innovation, investment and growth.

A country’s leadership and presence at the Convention will establish the foundation for greater visibility within the biotechnology industry for the future. In addition, a presence at the BIO International Convention can help drive new partnership opportunities for domestic biotech companies. This is particularly important for local growth and development initiatives.