BIO Media Briefing Highlights 2012 Policy Priorities

Jim Greenwood and Tom Watkins, President & CEO of Human Genome Sciences and Chair of BIO’s Board of Directors, hosted a media briefing on January 23 to share BIO’s advocacy accomplishments in 2011 and policy priorities for 2012.

Key victories in 2011 included the passage of patent reform legislation which will benefit all users of the U.S. patent system, the reauthorization of SBIR grant program which will allow majority venture-backed companies to again compete for grants, and the successful negotiation of the PDUFA V agreement. 

Priorities for 2012 include the timely passage of the PDUFA V package; reauthorization of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act and Pediatric Research Equity Act; extension & expansion of the Therapeutic Discovery Project (TDP); passage of Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act (PAHPA); adequate funding for FDA, NIH and other agencies critical to the biotech industry; and renewal of the Farm Bill (to support growers in the sustainable production of biomass and deployment of biotechnology to improve productivity).  Jim also touched upon the need for a prompt, predictable and science-based approval process for GE animals.

The briefing is available as a podcast.