BIO09 kicks off first day with a focus on sustainability

It's impossible to open a newspaper, turn on the TV, or scan Google news these days without seeing something about environmental sustainability. Between population growth and climate change, it's clear we face daunting challenges in the effort to build a more sustainable future for our planet. As the 2009 Bio International Convention gets under way today, the Leadership Summit on Food and Fuel Sustainability will take a look at how the biotech industry is tackling these critical, global issues. The summit, which is sponsored by Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto, will feature luminaries from the field including Andrew Young, Jr., the Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN. We'll be bringing you coverage of the session when in takes place this afternoon. In the meantime, check out our recent campaign for Earth Day, which highlighted some of the many ways biotech is helping create a more sustainable future. To learn the top 10 ways biotech is helping save the earth, text "biotech" to 77513 or watch this video from, a website dedicated to educating the public about the promise of biotech.