Biotechnology Can Help Solve the Food Crisis

Today's world population is more than 6.6 billion people and growing. Fast. By some projections there will be 9 billion people inhabiting our planet by 2050. That may sound far off, but it is less than a single lifetime away—meaning that many of us alive today will still be alive then. Perhaps even you. One of the many issues raised by this expected population surge is how to feed all those people. Meeting the world demand for nutritious and abundant food is a challenge today and will only grow in the future. Happily, agricultural biotechnology offers solutions, including biotech crops that increase yields and reduce crop losses due to pests. Making farmland more productive, in a sustainable way, is a good thing. Already more than 12 million farmers in 23 countries have planted more than 283 million acres of biotech crops. In this edition of BIOtech NOW, BIO's Jackson Bain interviews two of those farmers: Advocate Mdutshane and Makhosandile Rebe, both from South Africa. Tune in and hear what they have to say about the practical and economic advantages of planting biotech crops on their land. Download or listen to the podcast now