Biotechnology in Mexico

 For purposes of the 2009 BIO International Convention, ProMexico ( is collaborating with the Biotechnology Center of Excellence Corporation ( to serve the needs of the Mexican delegation and interested BIO participants.

Mexico is the fifth richest region in biodiversity in the world with a long tradition of research in biological sciences. Mexico's commercial biotechnology activities are equally as varied. Of the approximately 180 firms that develop and/or use modern biotechnology in Mexico, 31% are in the agricultural area, 23% in environmental applica­tions, 18% in health care, 18% in food, and 10% in other areas.

Large international firms with biotechnology-related activities currently operate in Mexico, particularly in the agricultural area. Mexico is experiencing a rapid growth in biotechnology applications to human healthcare, agriculture, marine resources, energy production and other areas. Each of these sectors are benefiting from modernization and innovation programs involving research institutions and private industry.