Coordinator, Industry Research & Education

Position Title:      Coordinator, Industry Research & Education
Department:       Education
Reports to:          Director, Industry Research & Education

Primary Purpose of the Position:

This primary purpose of this position is the responsibility to coordinate all operational aspects of company presentations for all BIO events.  This position will execute and support industry research to expand company presentations.  In addition, this position will support the development of education programs at all BIO events.


  1. Manages the budget and operations of company presentations at BIO’s investor and partnering events, including:
  • Maintain and improves invitation lists of eligible companies.
  • Conduct multiple rounds of invitations to fill presentation timeslots and quotas at BIO events.
  • Support weekly tracking for company presentations for specific events (as applicable); identify companies recently accepted for revenue targets, gap to budget, etc.
  • Assist in schedule development.
  • Provide customer service support for company presentation logistics and the registration process.
  • Manage application process for companies. 
  • Maintain presenting company related websites working with technology vendors.
  • Support customer service, partnering, company selection & other key tasks.
  • Research potential or invited speakers to support program development and communications with panelists. 
  • Provide support and coordination related to companies presenting and integration with BD services (e.g., company mix and focus and volume to support partnering and partnering initiatives.)
  • Research company specifics for company presentations.
  • Provides customer services through multiple challenges of instruction and interaction on helping presenting companies maximize value from their presentation experience.
  • Collaborates with Registration and Customer Service to ensure that presenting companies’ fees are collected correctly.
  • Manages contractors providing services to presenting companies via BIO, such as speech coaching or webcasting.
  • Collaborates with marketing to provide pre-event details on participating companies and campaigns to produce investor awareness.
  • Manages on-site experience for presenting companies to maximize their satisfaction with presenting, and likeliness to join future events.
  • Work with the logistics and operations teams with regards to company presentations logistics (timing, AV needs, etc.)
  1. Contribute to program design based on industry trend analysis, including writing panel descriptions, ancillary research and panelist/company outreach.
  2. Supports exchange of industry intelligence between front-line conversations with executives and planning the event program, Investor Outreach, Marketing planning and sponsorship planning.
  3. Write letters of invitation to conference or event speakers.
  4. Review databases and literature for key catalysts in the biotech industry
  5. Assist in development of event specific marketing materials (analysis of presenting companies, program topics, etc.).  Collaborate on and edit marketing pieces highlighting conference program elements.
  6. Organize pre-conference meetings and conference calls for panelists.  Set up conference calls, coordinate with participants’ EAs, etc.
  7. Work closely with the sales team to place sponsors and exhibitors on the program as needed at all BIO conferences.
  8. Support industry analyses through research, writing, content development and editing.
  9. Contribute original content to BIO’s online platforms.
  10. Provide on-site administrative or customer service support at various meetings and conferences.
  11. Provide administrative support to the Education team including budget tracking, processing invoices, expenses and contracts as needed.


  • Strong verbal and writing communications skills
  • Strong research and analytic skills highly desirable
  • Experience with CMS, blogging, and social media
  • Microsoft environment (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access. etc.)
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • College degree or equivalent years if experience
  • 3+ years of related work experience
  • Prior customer service and administrative assistant experience preferred
  • Experience with either event organizing, writing, or editing a plus.
  • Marketing experience a plus. 
  • Willingness to travel 30%.