Discovery to Step Out of the Shadows at BIO Investor Forum

Discovery stage companies working on novel treatments for the most prevalent diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes, are the greatest hope of this industry. The upcoming BIO Investor Forum will feature nearly 40 of the most promising discovery stage companies currently at the Seed or Series A financing round with under $25 million raised to date.

It is no secret that the biotech industry has had more than its fair share of financial challenges and setbacks. Small emerging companies continue to struggle to raise capital. Biotech continues to be a high-risk and at times high-reward, investment. (See this op ed in Fast Company from Acorda Pharmaceutical’s CEO, Ron Cohen.)

New early-stage companies continue to uncover promising innovations that could lead to breakthroughs that will help to shape and define the future of the industry.

There are many reasons to be excited about financing early stage biotech companies (See this recent story in Forbes.) The BIO Investor Forum will assemble the most promising among promising discovery stage companies.

In addition to the nearly 40 Seed and Series A stage companies in attendance, there are 58 later stage private companies and 40 public companies. Combined, these companies represent all stages of drug development with their lead programs, as shown in the chart below. Almost half of the companies are in early drug development (Phase I or pre-clinical).

Company StatusCompany Stage

The 10th Annual BIO Investor Forum celebrates a “decade of excellence” by assembling a select group of public and venture-stage growth companies, as well as top public and private equity investors, to explore investment trends and opportunities. This certainly is an interesting time for our industry, check out this BIO Industry Analysis post on valuation of biotech drug developers, and check out the Closing Plenary at the BIO Investor Forum to find out what the future may hold for biotech, and whether or not we’re truly headed for an apocalypse.  

In addition to expert-led workshops and panel discussions focusing on industry trends, the conference features presentations by over 100 biotech companies poised to join the growth “watch list” in 2011, as well as a number of nonprofit and venture philanthropy organizations.