Dr. Cliff Reid of Complete Genomics discusses his company's novel DNA sequencing technology

BIOtech Now's Tracy Krughoff interviews Dr. Cliff Reid, President & CEO of Complete Genomics. On October 6, 2008, Complete Genomics formally launched as "the world’s first large-scale human genome sequencing company." The company seeks to become the global leader in human genome sequencing and is currently building what it says will be the world’s largest human genome sequencing center in California to enable commercial-scale research of the genetic mechanisms underlying drug responses and complex diseases. By 2010, Complete Genomics intends to have more than 50% of the worldwide human DNA sequencing capacity. To reach this ambitious goal the company is relying on its breakthrough sequencing technology that allows for the sequencing of a complete human genome for about $5000. Dr. Reid discusses the company's technology and plans. Listen or download the program.