Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a cost to speak? 
A. This differs for each event. Generally, speakers in breakout sessions may be given complimentary registrations whereas all company presentations require registrations. There are discounted packages available. 

Q: What is a Company Presentation?
A:  Company Presentations are PowerPoint presentations given by senior-level executives. They showcase a company’s pipeline, R&D activities, business objectives and investment goals. They range from 15 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the type of company presenting. 

Q: Why do companies present?
A: Companies and organizations present to get in front of an exclusive audience of public and private equity investors, plus other biotech executives. Presenters also receive exclusive benefits not available to general attendees, such as pre-conference marketing (such as email newsletters, press releases, etc.)

Q: Who can present?
A:  Some events allow non-members to speak. Company presentations usually require you to be a sponsor or member.

Q: What is the difference between a speaking and presenting a company?
A: Speaking at an event can encompass presenting during a breakout session on various topics occurring in any number of formats, whereas a company presentation is a presentation for the sole purpose of showcasing a company.

Q: How do I know if my submission has been accepted?
A: Each event will have their own method of notification. Most of the time it is through e-mail. 

Q: Does BIO provide honorarium for speaking?
A: BIO does not provide speaker honoraria or reimburse for travel or housing expenses.

For more details about each specific event please visit the Speaking Opportunities page.