The Future of Biotechnology in Japan

What does the future hold for the biotechnology industry in Japan? The Japanese government has made great strides to boost biotech within its borders. One example is the government-funded Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research and Development Center, which provides free research facilities to qualified biotechnology companies. The mission of the Center is to create new industries and improve manufactured products through government-industry-academia collaboration.

According to the Scientific American Worldview Report and Scorecard, Japan has held steady in its global innovation ranking among other countries over the past three years. In 2011, Japan ranked #11 among other top countries for biotechnology, with strong scores in the number of patents the country produces as well as overall innovation.

For companies seeking opportunities in international markets, Japan and the broader Asian market hold tremendous opportunities for business development and collaborations. The BIO Asia International Conference presents industry leaders with an ideal opportunity to explore what the future holds for these emerging markets and connect with investors and senior-level biotechnology executives.  

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