Give Biotech the Recognition it Deserves: Nominate an Everyday Hero for Biotech Humanitarian Award

Everyone knows that biotech is responsible for many of the advances being made in our society today right? Right??? Wrong. Few people know that our industry is working to solve global warming, hunger or health crises on a daily basis. How could they? If you are like most people in the biotech field, you work tirelessly in labs, hospitals, foundations or the ever-present computer screen and rarely see the light of day to tell people about your work. And let’s be honest, biotech professionals are a humble people—we don’t want to brag, we just want to make other people’s lives better. Well make someone’s life better and nominate a colleague for the Biotech Humanitarian Award! The Biotech Humanitarian Award will recognize an everyday hero who has improved the lives of others by harnessing the power of biotechnology to help heal, feed and fuel the planet. BIO is asking people from within our own biotech community to nominate others in their field who they believe have produced tangible benefits to humanity. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the work of a colleague and applaud the impact biotechnology continues to have on contemporary society. You should feel free to nominate anyone in the biotechnology industry including advocates, scientists, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, financiers, philanthropists, educators and others. The Biotech Humanitarian Award winner will be announced at the to the 2009 BIO International Convention and receive $10,000. Nominations can be made online at and must be submitted by April 15, 2009.