Global Health


Global Health

Biotechnology proactively addresses serious threats to global health by fueling the development of treatments and vaccines for infectious diseases and possible pandemics that affect millions around the world.

Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide each year. By isolating antigens and producing them in the laboratory, biotech researchers are developing innovative vaccines against infectious diseases. Through close collaboration with governments and non-governmental organizations, there is hope that biotech companies may develop better treatments for neglected diseases such as Chagas, Dengue, African Sleeping Sickness, and Leishmaniasis.


Malaria kills nearly one million people each year. The biotech industry has developed rapid diagnostic tests for malaria, allowing physicians to more quickly deliver treatment. Biotech scientists are also working with governments and organizations to develop a cost-effective malaria treatment and vaccine.


Security experts have repeatedly highlighted the reality and likelihood of a bioterror attack. Using innovative tools and new molecular and genetic information, biotech researchers are working with government agencies to develop new and improved vaccines against potential bioweapons like anthrax and smallpox.