Good News from The Scientist: Life Sciences Salaries Up

Today, The Scientist released its 2009 Life Sciences Salary Survey, showing a 5% increase in total compensation over salaries last year—an increase that exceeds the 2008 inflation rate of 3.8%. A few trends they noted in the survey:


·         Academia has been enacting more involuntary furloughs or unpaid leave, which may not show up as salary reductions;

·         Many students are seeking higher education rather than entering job market;

·         Women’s salaries are lower than men’s salaries;

·         Asian scientists holding an MS degree earned the highest salaries among the ethnic groups surveyed;

·         Life sciences professionals working on either the east or west coasts earned higher salaries than compared to the middle of the country;

·         The greatest percentage increase in salaries were attributed to professionals working in patents, licensing and trademarks, followed closely by clinical research; and

·         The highest salaries went to tenured endocrinologists.


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