Growing The Nation's Biotech Sector

The biosciences are recognized globally as a key driver of modern economic progress, offering enormous potential for linking basic research innovations with new market opportunities. Advances in human, plant, and animal biosciences have led to the growth of companies in many areas, from drug development to molecular diagnostics to biomaterials and biocomposites, biofuels, and other bio-related products. Recognizing this, states and regions throughout the United States are investing to create a business climate that supports the specific needs of the biosciences sector. These efforts focus on technology, talent, and capital, the key ingredients needed to grow a bioscience-driven economy.

Since 2004, Battelle, BIO, SSTI, and PMP Public Affairs Consulting, Inc., have tracked the development of the U.S. biosciences industry on a state and metropolitan statistical area (MSA) basis and the implementation of state policies and programs to support the biosciences industry. This report presents data on national, state, and metropolitan bioscience employment and growth trends during 2001 to 2006, statelevel data that serve as indicators of the performance of the biosciences sector, and information on state bioscience programs and policies. Key report findings are presented below.

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