Heard From the Man On the Street: The Sequencer and the Terminator

I heard today from the "Man On the Street." And he spoke of the, "The Sequencer and the Terminator."  and began by saying........

They started lining up an hour before high noon. Lunch with two houses of power -  Craig Venter and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger – clearly both were a huge draw. And neither disappointed! Venter quipped about preceding the Governor. “After all,” he joked, “no one wants to have to speak following the Governor!”

Schwarzenneger made note of “all the brainpower at the conference.” He talked about issues he’s passionate about – and, as we all know, those include stem cell research and Prop 71. Tomorrow’s lunch is sure to be a crowd pleaser as well. Looking forward to it.

And there ends the report, from the Man On the Street