Manager, Analytical Support

Position Title:  Manager, Analytical Support
Department: Finance and Administration
Reports to: CFO and SVP, Finance & Administration/Senior Director, Business Operations

Primary Purpose of the Position:

The primary purpose of this position is to develop analytics to grow revenue, enhance the organizations business intelligence and improve reporting capabilities throughout revenue generating operations. The position will integrate BIO’s data analytics systems and support the Membership and Business Operations Division with data driven solutions. The position will supervise and have responsibility for developing, maintaining and providing analysis and forecasts for the BIO’s event portfolio and other revenue generating services.


  1. Maintain and track event and industry trends, and deliver insights on important metrics:
    • retention & churn metrics
    • attendee growth by company
    • attendee metrics like loyalty and value
    • first time attendee
    • geographic metrics and corresponding impact on BIO’s events and services
    • Conversion analysis: Marketing-to-registration
    • Work with the Marketing team to understand and access the behavioral data available in Marketo and Salesforce to help identify pre-registration/conversion trends.
  2. Provide analytics on (sponsorship & exhibit) sales:
    • Loyalty, first timer, retention and growth metrics for companies and exhibitors
    • Work with the Sales, Marketing and IT teams to determine what reports can be pulled on demand using Salesforce, Fonteva and other BIO data systems.
    • Work with Sales, Marketing, and IT teams to evaluate advanced reporting tools (Tableau, Salesforce Einstein, Microsoft BI, etc.) and potentially data warehousing tools.
  3. Provide analytics and support on registration revenue:
    • In coordination with the Director of Registration and Customer Service, oversee the maintenance of accurate historical files of all registration information and data for each event.
    • Run analytics on attendee activity by states, countries and regions in order to target market or grow participation at BIO events.
    • Run analytics of code usage at events to evaluate financial impact of discounts and pricing.   
  4. Provide direct support to the investor & partnering events undertaken by BIO, as needed for partnering, programming, company presentations, marketing, sponsorship or customer service.
    • Develop predictive calculations on the relationship between company presentations and paid registration, sponsorship sales and comps, and similar to better predict how changes in one category will impact others.
    • Provide registration trend analyses and support to the Partnering Team to optimize space allocation and budgeting for partnering and investor events.
  5. Help develop the organizations long-term financial strategy across the entire event portfolio:
    • Advise BIO’s management on best practices on pricing and help optimize pricing for events and services, in order to retain and grow attendance at BIO’s events and maximize revenues.
    • Conduct analyses to show cost and benefits versus pricing for attendees, exhibits, company presentations, partnering and sales.
    • Develop predictive models to forecast event attendance, exhibit and sponsorship sales and revenue generation
    • Oversee the analysis of investor & partnering events for the biotech industry, resulting in annual and extended term (multi-year) budget forecasting and conference registration analysis.
  6. Help develop the organizations long-term data and analytics strategy:
    • Move organization toward a more data-centric and integrated future
    • Maintain a comprehensive understanding of BIO’s numerous web and data systems (e,g. Fonteva, Salesforce, Map Your show, Experient, Marketo, Validar, Hubb, BIO One-on-One Partnering, etc.) and their various integrations points to ensure data is pulled from the best sources.
    • Work with departments and external sources to ensure data from all external sources is pulled into one source (Salesforce, external data source, data warehouse, etc.) to allow advanced reporting and trend analysis.
  7. Analyze survey and attendance date for education attendees at BIO events in order to assess program performance and help inform future program development.
  8. Conduct research and analysis on new revenue innovation opportunities for the organization. 
  9. Understand capital markets and trends in overall financial investment in biotech, pharmaceuticals and other medical technologies, and integrate trends as a part of industry and event analysis.
  10. Produce written materials describing data analyses, including key trends, events, and milestones.  Boil down complex data questions from surveys into manageable analysis and presentations.
  11. As needed, develop and use advanced forecasting and analytic methods (simulation/Monte Carlo, regression analysis, etc.)
  12. As needed, provide analysis of investor & partnering events and provide on-site support and customer service support for BIO’s investor & partnering events. 
  13. Supervise and coach the development of staff in order to increase in-house analytics capabilities.
  14. Other duties as required and assigned.


  • Strong data and business analytics skills
  • Knowledge of and experience with advanced reporting tools like Tableau, Salesforce Einstein, Microsoft BI, etc.
  • Comfortable with database and web applications
  • Possess strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and possess strong organizational skills.
  • Organized; Ability to multi-task, attention to detail, and team player
  • Strong skills with Microsoft Office, especially Excel and PowerPoint
  • Must be an independent worker and self-starter, pay close attention to detail.
  • College degree or equivalent years of experience, advanced degree a plus.
  • 5+ years of related work experience.
  • A solid understanding and knowledge of event budgeting, data analysis, and coordination.
  • Experience working for corporate or association conferences/conventions.
  • An acumen for the biotech industry
  • Must be willing to travel