Roundtable: Biobased Products Are a Missed Opportunity for Climate Change Legislation

Biobased products made from renewable resources can reduce use of petroleum and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, the climate change legislation being considered in the Senate does not recognize biobased products as a source of emission credits. BIO hosted this roundtable discussion with biotechnology companies that make renewable chemicals and oils for everyday products to talk about the environmental benefits associated with these products. Speakers include Matt Carr, policy director, BIO; Snehal Desai, Business Vice President, Segetis (Golden Valley, MN); Aaron Kelley, Senior Scientist, Genencor (Palo Alto, CA); Marc Verbruggen, CEO, NatureWorks, LLC (Minnetonka, MN); Ben Locke, Director of Government Programs, Metabolix, Inc (Cambridge, MA); Corrine Young, Director of Government Affairs, Myriant Technologies LLC (Quincy, MA). Jim Imbler, President & CEO, ZeaChem, Inc. (Lakewood, CO)


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