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10 Days Until BIO 2015: Official Bloggers Preview

June 5, 2015
Next week, we will be introducing you to BIO’s Official Bloggers, writers who are on top of the biotechnology beat, and will be covering BIO2015 on BIOtechNOW and their own blogs.  Until then, here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be seeing more of over the next two weeks:

Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Blog

John T. Aquino reports on a media conference call with BIO’s President and CEO Jim Greenwood and Scott Whitaker, BIO’s COO and President of the Convention, who discussed issues ranging from patents to the 21st Century Cures to what to expect in Philadelphia.  Check out John’s story here.


Yali Friedman previewed Convention in his post, “Looking forward to BIO #BIO2015” by pointing out his highlights, including the Scientific American Worldview Supersession, where industry leaders will discuss the 7th edition of the Worldview report.  Here’s Yali’s post

Patent Docs

Over the next two weeks, the Patent Docs will be previewing the sessions taking place at Convention that they think will be most interesting and the discussions they expect to be taking place amongst patent practitioners.  In his post, Andrew Williams, highlights "The Impact of USPTO Inter Partes Review Proceedings on (Bio)Pharma." Head here for Andrew’s post.


In its blog, Research!America highlighted a session titled “International Perspectives on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance” on June 17, featuring John Watson, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, and Dávila Chávez, Director-General of International Affairs of Mexico’s Secretariat of Health.  Check out their post, The Race to Contain Superbugs.