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13 Days Until BIO 2015: Moneyball: Acing the Big Pharma/Small Biotech Deal

June 2, 2015
In just a few weeks, thousands of players in the pharma and biotech industry will converge on Philadelphia for BIO 2015 seeking knowledge, insight and, for many, the ultimate goal – new partnerships. Collaboration is often the key to success for emerging biotech companies and big pharma alike as it can open the door to new markets, influencers and revenue streams.

In oncology, deals between established pharmaceutical companies and early-stage biotechs are especially relevant and promising as combination therapies are proving to be the way of the future for many cancer treatments. We’ve seen this business model behind several treatments on the market and in the pipeline and understand the value in combining blockbuster drugs with novel treatments and novel-novel combinations. Securing the deal to bring a combination therapy to market, however, can be incredibly challenging and intimidating for both sides.

In the June 16 session I’m moderating, “Moneyball: Strategies for Structuring Deals Between Small Biotechs and Big Pharma,” senior executives from AstraZeneca, Cerulean and Incyte will share best practices for structuring a deal between approved drugs and experimental treatments. They will explore the strategies behind several successful combination deals from the perspective of small and large companies and outline key considerations, components and pitfalls of deals. The panelists will also share their advice on how to preserve optionality in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

We hope you will both join us and participate on Tuesday, June 16 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 103AB. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Paul Friedman
Former CEO, Incyte Corporation
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