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2012 BIO International Convention: Q&A with Progenika

June 12, 2012
In anticipation of the 2012 BIO International Convention we spoke with Progenika, a newly established Spanish healthcare company, to get their perspective on the event. Progenika develops, produces, and commercializes tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and for predicting response to drug treatment. Read on to learn more about this innovative company.

1) Progenika is a newly established company that has created new subsidiaries; it has internationalized and brought products to the market during its 12 years of existence. What is the key to this success?

One of the keys is the innovative and enterprising spirit deeply rooted in the Corporate Culture since the beginning through the founders and current CEOs of the company, Antonio Martinez and Laureano Simon.

Progenika Group persists making a constant  investment effort in the development, production and commercialization of tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and for predicting response to drug treatment, to  maintain its position among the most advanced and competitive international corporations in this area.

Therefore, our competitive advantage is the development of a technology to analyze multiple variables simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity.

Progenika Group has implemented the commercial exploitation of innovation, and flexibility as an engine for a way to compete in global market.

2) Do you consider your group to be a model of the Spanish biotechnology company?

The sector is still at an early stage and we are striving to create a successful brand that is competitive abroad.

Our model, based on an industrial approach focused on R&D, has enabled us to not only develop, but also to sell our products either directly or through strategic agreements with leading companies in each speciality.

The key to achieving this benchmark position currently held by Progenika within Personalized Medicine has been the firm commitment to innovation and personal talent, along with our utmost dedication.

The Progenika experience may be very interesting and valid for many companies, each of which has to decide on its own path, but it is true that we have tackled different type of projects with which we are accumulating experience that has placed in a strong position to achieve our goals.

3) What can Spanish biotechnology provide to the world?

What is important is the product with which you have to compete. If you have a good product, that is competitive in terms of features and price, and you also have a good marketing and sales team who knows how to showcase its characteristics and its benefits, the position on the market is more favourable. It is therefore fundamental to continue investing in R&D to ensure we continue to be innovative and competitive.

Many companies of our sectors have specialised in Personalized Medicine, given the very essence of a country that is committed to the health sector as a source of wellbeing for society. This social relationship concept has led to projects associated with improving the health status of the population. We have focused on trying to improve the long-term health status of the population and we have strived to consolidate this idea.

4) Progenika has a strong presence in the U.S. through agreements with local companies; it already sells there several diagnostic tests there.  What is the key to establishing partnerships / agreements / subsidiaries in the U.S.?

We always try to set up in other countries through local shareholders. Operating locally to globally is fundamental to develop and internationalise companies.

Presence. To make sure you are known and know the market. It is not easy to break onto a market such as the US one and it has been a long journey to do so, but the fact we have set up as yet another company in the USA has provided us with know-how and we have learnt how to adapt.

Adaptation. We have always have had our sights on the US adventure and all our endeavours have been focused on continuing there. We have had to learn about their market, their legislation, their times, but it was worthwhile, and we are still there. On the other hand, our customers have witnessed this endeavour and the quality of our work and trust us. We are within easy reach.

5) Is Spanish biotechnology valued in the U.S.?

In a city such as San Diego, with a long track record in the bio-technology industry, great importance is given to the talent and professionalism of the highly acclaimed Spanish scientists.

It is still premature to see the influence of the biotechnological industrial sector in the country and we obviously have opportunities to be able to make use of it.

6) Progenika has also established agreements in Latin America and the Middle East. What other regions have potential for business development?

We have recently negotiated agreements to market our products in South Africa, Japan and Indonesia.

The international operations take into account the specific nature of the zone, country and the product in question, which the only viable way to implement cutting-edge technology for human health, a field where repeating strategies in different nations has not proven to be highly successful for the biopharmaceutical international industry.

7) What does a company like Progenika get out of the BIO Convention?

Being able to continue offering our products and managing to position ourselves on certain markets. Our main interest is to continue identifying partners to be able to market our products internationally and expand our presence.

It is likewise the time to showcase the advances in our developments and innovations to the BIO community.