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2012 BIO Investor Forum: Discovery Track Snapshot

September 19, 2012
BIO's 11th Annual BIO Investor Forum is just around the corner - it will be held October 9-10, 2012 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

The forum, or BIF as we call it around here, is an international investor event which explores trends and opportunities in life sciences. Broadly speaking, the focus is on venture-stage growth and emerging public companies.

BIO's Alan Eisenberg said it best earlier this week: "The aim of the BIO Investor Forum is to bring together a select group of private and early stage biotech companies along with leading investors in an effort to establish relationships and foster the development of new partnerships and, ultimately, new medicines."

All of the nearly 100 presenting companies that are expected to attend have an interesting story to tell. Though over the next few weeks, I will attempt to highlight just a few of them. First on the list is Wellesley Pharmaceuticals, a Pennsylvania-based pharmaceutical company founded in 2011, participating in the Discovery Track. Wellesley is currently testing their patented treatment for nocturia, otherwise known as the excessive need to get up in the night to go the bathroom.Wellesley Pharmaceuticals Elevator Pitch

Now a staple at the Investor Forum, the 11th annual event will once again be featuring a series of Discovery Track presentations. A pricing level has been created for "pre-emerging" biotech companies wishing to participate in the BIO Investor Form. The presentations will focus on Seed and A-round companies incorporated after 2007 that have raised less than $25M total through October 2012. Companies in this track are also first-time presenters at this event and use biotechnology or related technologies for research and development of drug products or diagnostics. The typical audience for all presentations features public and private equity investors, as well as research analysts, investment bankers and industry executives.

Other Discovery Track companies scheduled to present at this year’s Investor Forum include:

To learn more about the Discovery Track or BIO Investor Forum, please visit here.